Facebook WARNING!!!

“If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is.”


Micronesian women are being targeted by an exploiter of people using facebook.com.

We are making everyone aware of this malicious and harmful Internet activity.

This specifically cites Micronesian girls 16-26 years of age. A profile is reaching out to young ladies with offers of exotic trips for cultural exhibitions and cultural demonstrations.

This is human trafficking in Yap.


Learn about the dangers of human trafficking.

No community is immune. People are exploited through false promises, lies and deception. Anyone can be a victim

You are being victimized by predatory actions, you aren’t doing anything wrong. If you responded to a message or sent a photograph, it is not your fault and you’re not in trouble.

Why this is important and why you need to know?
The digital age brings modern problems to a traditional community - young people, especially those who are new to the Internet, are especially vulnerable to predators.
Why it’s important
Understanding what human trafficking is and acknow-ledging that forms of it have been reported on Yap is important to protect the Youth in the community who are most susceptible to being trafficked.