How to report human trafficking

FSM Human Trafficking Hotline: (691) 923-2000

Anonymously report possible cases of human trafficking by either calling or texting the FSM national police hotline, (691) 923-2000, or using our form.


Attorney General: (691) 350-2132
Public Safety: (691) 350-2105


Attorney General: (691) 330-2572
Public Safety: (691) 330-3216


Attorney General: (691) 320-2356
Public Safety: (691) 320-2221


Attorney General: (691) 370-3215
Public Safety: (691) 370-3333

Tell Somebody

Just tell somebody, or anonymously report indications of trafficking to law enforcers. The form on this website sends a report to trained investigators.

Somebody’s life may depend on it

It’s better to report a case and find out that it wasn’t human trafficking than not to report a case and find out that it was a case of human trafficking. Someone’s life might be depending on it.

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