Where to find help

Each state has a special team of people who are trained to respond to cases of human trafficking, all you need to do is tell somebody. Help is available and there are resources for victims of human trafficking, you can receive assistance.


Attorney General: 350-2105
Public Safety: 350-2105
Micronesian Legal Services Corp: 350-2254
Health Services: 350-2114
Women’s Association: 350-5973
Catholic Mission: 350-7273


Attorney General: 330-2572
Public Safety: 330-3216/2222
MLSC: 330-2597
Health Services: 330-2216


Attorney General: 320 2356
Public Safety: 320-2221/2222
Transnational Crime Unit: 923-2000


Attorney General: (691) 370-3215
Public Safety: (691) 370-3333
Health Services: (691) 370-3012

Talk to your family, friends, teachers, coaches and community leaders, these people can help. Somebody at your school, church or sports team has probably been informed about how to handle reports of human trafficking.

Help protect your community by reporting indications of exploitation.

Report Human Trafficking - (691) 923-2000

Anonymously report the exploitation of people, click or call today, somebody's life may depend on it. Become a leader in your community, learn how to identify human trafficking and talk about it with your peers.

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