Why are people trafficked?

Factors that create an environment for Human Trafficking:


Desire to move from conditions of extreme poverty, looking for a better life and more opportunities.

  • globalization of poverty
  • lack of employment opportunities and lack of economic development
  • social and political conflict
  • social and cultural practices
  • more and more women migrating
  • gender discrimination and/or gender based violence
  • lack of information

Demand for inexpensive labor and for sex services

Restrictive immigration policies

Messages to Victims:

• You are safe now.

• No one here will hurt you.

• Coming to us/working with us will help you.

• You are a victim, not a criminal.

• What happened to you was wrong, and the person who did this to you should be in jail.

• You have a right to live without being abused.

• You deserve the chance to become self-sufficient and independent.

• By helping us, you are helping yourself.

• We can help get you what you need.

• We can help to protect your family.

• You can trust us.

• We want to make sure what happened to you doesn’t happen to anyone else.

• You have rights.

• You are entitled to assistance. We can help you get assistance.

If you are a victim of trafficking, you can receive help to rebuild your life safely with our assistance.

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